Endomotor Digital OPG

Digital OPG

The OPG machine is the latest in digital dentistry imaging. It has high frequency generator and automatic calibration for different dental applications such as PANORAMIC x-ray of mandible (jaw), cephalograms, TM joints etc.

Also dental and occlusal x-rays are done in the centre. OPG and Cephalograms are digital and always get you clear and sharp visualization of structures.

Useful information on Digital X-rays

The modern digital X-ray carries several benefits to patients. At Dr Arul's Dental, Facial Plastic, Hair Transplant Surgeries, we go the extra mile to invest in technology that means more to our patients and their treatment processes. Some of these benefits are...

  • Cleaner!

  • Faster!

  • Precise and Clear diagnosis every time!

  • Better practice management

  • Lower radiation doses to patients and clinicians alike, hence enhanced safety!

  • No harmful chemicals. No mess. Environment friendly!