Endomotor Rhinoplasty


The nose is a central feature and plays a major role in the appearance of the face. If it is large, it dominates the face and if it is crooked, it makes it asymmetric. Nose reshaping surgery, also known as rhinoplasty or a ‘nose job’ is done to modify the size and shape of the nose in order to give it a more perfect appearance.

The shape, size and appearance of the nose depends on the nasal bones, nasal septal bone (central bone of the nose that divides the right and left side) length, amount of cartilage and thickness of overlying skin. Besides these, the shape and size of the upper jaw and teeth alignment also defines the nose projection and facial profile.

For a sharp, pristine nose, the upper jaw and teeth alignment are crucial. Before embarking on nose correction surgery, a thorough study of the underlying bone structure has to be done first using specialized X-rays. If the upper jaw is disproportionately large, the nose may appear broad and flattened. When this is rectified with corrective jaw surgery, the nose will appear sharper.

Further by altering the nasal skeleton and cartilages, the nose can be made smaller, more prominent, slimmer, wider, straighter or smooth away unwanted lumps or bumps. After detailed examination of the skeletal structure, a crooked nose too can be surgically corrected.

Depressed or sunken portions of the nose can be elevated using cartilage grafts. Artificial materials including plastic substitutes often trigger infection and allergic reactions. To avoid this, a cartilage graft from the patient’s rib may be used. Cartilage is a specialized bone life tissue which can be easily shaped. Also there is no risk of triggering allergic reactions.

As these surgeries are approached from inside the mouth deep below the upper lip, there are no resultant scars. Chronic nasal block due to deviated nasal septum, enlarged conchae can also be corrected. There are no side effects since it is a very minor surgical procedure. Nose correction surgery improves the facial profile for many helping them feel confident.

Many such successful surgeries are being done routinely at our hospital. We have updated our blog with our recent success stories and photographs of before & after surgery views.