Endomotor Jaw Deformity Correction

Jaw Deformity Correction

Jaw surgeries are very complicated and require extraordinary precision and presence of mind.

Orthognathic surgery is basically surgery performed on the bones of the jaws to alter their relative position and size. It involves repositioning all or part of the upper or lower jaw or chin in correct alignment. Sometimes, bone may be added, taken away or reshaped. When the jaws are moved forwards or backwards, up or down, or rotated, the soft tissue in the chin, cheeks, lips and tip of the nose move accordingly. Therefore, once the jaws are correctly positioned, the architecture of the facial skeleton is changed and a harmony between the facial features is achieved. This results in a facial profile that is pleasing or in fact even more beautiful to look at.

If the upper jaw is comparatively bigger than the lower jaw, it may lead to a “gummy” smile which exposes more teeth and gums to show. Excess gum tissue may be visible which may deflect from the beauty of the smile. This disparity in the size and shape of the jaw bones can be corrected by Orthognathic surgery. The jaw size is decreased and the jaw is placed in a normal position drastically improving smile and appearance.

The shape of the nose is influenced by the shape of the upper jaw. Sometimes, the sharpness of the nose is not apparent because the upper jaw is too big and protruding. In such cases, correcting the shape, size and position of the upper jaw also results in giving the nose a sharp pristine look. More severe variations in the shape of the nose can be corrected along with jaw correction in the same surgical procedure.

Before deciding the line of treatment, a detailed assessment and analysis of the face & facial bones needs to be done. Many a times, there is often a short period of orthodontic treatment done for subtle and fine detailing of the tooth positions.

The advantage of orthognathic surgery is that immediate results are seen. Also since these surgeries are approached from inside the mouth there are no visible external scars.

Jaw correction surgery brings the teeth and jaws into proper position for better health and appearance. For some patients, the surgery can dramatically enhance appearance and self esteem. Such surgeries hold the key for youngsters who go through a lot of psychological stress over their facial appearance.