Endomotor Microscopes and Loupes

Magnification Systems in Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation in microsurgical technique. Microsurgery is the term which is used to describe surgeries which requires an operating microscopes or high end magnification systems. These magnification systems enable us to visualize minute structures with great precision. . Thus the success and the quality of such microsurgies largely depend upon the quality of magnification system used.

There are various magnification systems used in hair restoration surgery:


A stereo microscope is also known as a dissecting microscope. These microscopes are used for low magnification observation of a sample. These microscopes use incident light illumination and provide different viewing angles to the right and the left eye. These microscopes are ideal for microsurgery and dissection. They have a magnifying power of 10X.



A Video Microscope comprises of an optical microscope, CCD camera, and LCD display. With the help of this videomicroscope a tiny object’s clear picture could be seen very clearly. The video signal in these videomicroscopes turns into high resolution digital colorful picture which is then displayed on the LCD display. This digital picture can be either zoomed in or out according to the level of picture size preference.


Videomicroscpe for hair analysis

The videomicroscope for hair analysis are used for dramatic enhancement of skin and hair analysis quality. This instrument also helps in client’s understanding of specific characterstics of hair and skin’s features and textures. This has a magnifying capability of 60 times than the actual picture. These videomicroscopes in a very efficient manner clears out the before and after comparisons for any specific treatment taken.



Optivisors are specially designed loupes which are used to achieve magnified vision. The lenses used should be of highest quality providing unmatchable clarity in the vision with desirable magnification. The field of vision as well as the depth of vision is customized for each size. The crystal clear clarity added with wide field of vision and magnification ads to the quality of the hair transplantation and ultimately the outcome of the procedure.


Magnification Loupes

Magnification loupes such as Carl Zeiss Loupes are used in order to achieve the optimum magnification, proper focal length, depth of vision for best quality surgery. These loupes are used for magnification while making the making slits and harvesting the roots during implantation. These instruments have eliminated the chances of graft damage, which takes place due to improper magnification. These loupes possess the highest quality ergometry, which enables the doctors to work for long time without any fatigue.