Endomotor Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)

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Today we see that hair loss means a lot to youngsters because it simply effects on their looks and appearances. The result of hair loss is that youngsters become ready to pay any price to get back their hair. As we all know that hair are made in follicles which normally looks like small pouches and these use to lie under the skin surface. From one follicles usually hair grows for almost three years and after the completion of these three years, it is then automatically sheds away and after the shedding new hair starts growing from that follicles.

To get rid with the problem of hair loss hair restoration techniques are the best solution. Generally hair transplantation is being done with the two methods out of which one is F.U.E. hair transplant and the other one is F.U.T. hair transplant. Let’s start discussing about F.U.E. treatment. In true words F.U.E. which is also known as follicular unit extraction is an advanced procedure over a strip method which is use at wide scale in hair transplanting procedure. It is one of the best techniques of the hair grafts which is also used for transplanting naturally growing hairs which use to grow even at the face, eyebrow, beard, mustache etc.

The main feature of FUE treatment which make it different from other treatments is that during this surgery no any surgery is required for graft extraction this is the reason that why this FUE technique is more popular among the surgeons as well as the patients. Due to the advancement in technology now a days as grafts are extracted out these are kept in solution which helps a lot by keeping them alive for certain hours.

Another important feature of FUE is that it does not leave any scarring on donor parts. Patient also has not to suffer from the bleeding problem because no skin is removed in a strip from donor’s part. The point of great importance in FUE treatment is that while doing FUE hair transplant a surgeon should extract only those hair grafts which are generally taken as bald resistant and also these one remain intact during the extraction.

Except from this surgeons experience and his/her knowledge also matters a lot. Along with this it is also essential that surgeon should use sophisticated instruments for the whole process of hair transplant. To sum up we can say that generally FUE stands for extraction it means that the follicles are extracted from the back of the head which is called the donor area and then after the extraction the hair are taken and minutely observe under microscope.